Statement of Faith

The Person of Jesus

We believe that Jesus is the one and only begotten Son of God, who gave Himself for our sins, as the Lamb of God. We believe that He was 100% man (the only perfect, sinless man), but we also believe that He was and is 100% God. We believe that Jesus is the Almighty God, and we seek to worship Him with both our lips and our life.


We believe that we are sinful and that all our good works cannot make up for our sin. We believe that man is accountable to God for his sin and will be judged, unless he confesses his sin and repents, putting his total trust in the blood of Jesus the Lamb of God. Thank God we have done this and have thus been 'born again'. We take absolutely no credit, not even for our act of choosing Him. It is by grace that we are saved.

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