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Would you like to receive new pen pal ads in email? You can! You can set the exact criteria for ads that you want to receive (age or age range, sex, marital status, country, nationality, city, state, or anything else -- even birthday!). Then you will automatically, instantly receive all new ads that meet your criteria, as they come into our site -- for one whole year!

This is an awesome feature! You'll never have to check the site again -- the pen pal ads that you are interested in will be delivered directly to you, in email. You'll also be notified anytime a new picture is posted, if it is posted with an ad that meets your criteria. Of course you can also modify your criteria at any time.

A side benefit of this feature is that you will receive new ads instantly, as they are submitted to us, even before they are published on our site, if you choose to receive the ads unscreened. (You may also set it to send you the ads only after they have been screened by our staff -- this is better for minors.)

This is an exclusive premium-membership benefit, good for one year -- available to those who support our site with a one-time gift of $36.

If you have a premium membership, you may log in below to set or modify the criteria for the pen pal ads that you want to receive.

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