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About Searching for Pen Pals

How do I find a pen pal?

You can search by age category or special interest category or you may search by country with our clickable world map, or you may use our Advanced Search feature to search by almost any criteria (name, birthday, city, etc.). Just click one of these options under "Find a Pen Pal" in the menu on the left.

How can I search by state (in the U.S.)?

Use our Advanced Search. You can specify the state and anything else that you want to be specific about.

I found a pen pal ad before and I remember the name but I cannot find it now.

Again, use our Advanced Search. You may specify the name and anything else that you remember.

How can I find my own pen pal ad?

Again, use the Advanced Search, and specify your own name, age, country, etc. and whatever necessary to narrow down the search results enough so that you can find your ad. Or, if you simply want to confirm that your ad is in the system, you can go to the edit/remove page and simpy enter your email address to find your ad.

I only want to see photo ads. Is there a way to do that?

Yes, again, just use the Advanced Search. After setting the criteria for ads that you want to find, check the box labelled "photo ads only".

Why won't it let me email anyone?

Visitors are welcome to browse the pen pal ads but membership is required in order to email the pen pals. To start your MEGA MEMBERSHIP today click here.

I already got a membership, but it still won't let me email the pen pals.

You must enter the exact same email address that you submitted to us, which is also shown in the welcome email that you should have received when your membership or trial membership was activated. (AOL users are notorious for entering incomplete email addresses -- they often forget to type the "" part of their email address.)

Can I have new ads automatically sent to me in email?

Yes! That is an exclusive feature of our premium membership. For those generous enough to support our site with a one time gift of $36, we give the extra benefit of receiving new ads in email, for one whole year (that's $3/mth). You set the exact criteria for the ads you want (age, sex, country, etc.), and they will instantly and automatically be sent to you in email, as they come into our site. A very convenient feature!

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