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photo Name: big james
Gender: male
Age: 19
Status: not married
Birthday: October 10
When saved: 13
City: nairobi
Country: Kenya

Date: May 21, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: for God so loved the world that he gave his only begoten son......

hello everybody,iam a friendly guy who loves travelling to historic places .e Jerusalem, Egypt e.t.c.I love making frinds from all over the world.feel free to email me.

Special Categories: snail mail,student

photo Name: Paul
Gender: male
Age: 56
Status: not married
Birthday: September 11
When saved: Age 12
City: Stinnett
State: Texas
Country: United States

Date: May 21, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 31:9-15 NIV

Hello from the dry, dusty prairie of Texas. I sit here watching the cactus and the coyotes, thinking how good it would be to have a friend. I have been battered quite a bit over the past few years, but I have perservered through my faith in God. At present, I am dealing with a hopefully temporary medical issue that keeps me from traveling. When this is dealt with, I intend to see as much of this beautiful world that God has created as I can. There is so much out there to experience. About me: I am an honest, simple guy with old fashioned values. I don't care about money, other than having enough to feed and clothe me. I enjoy writing, working on my family history (all the way back to Northumberland, England in 1600's), trying to learn another language, and enjoying retirement after 34 yrs of working. I would love to know what life is like in your part of the world.

photo Name: RITZ
Gender: female
Age: 31
Status: not married
When saved: 26 December 2004
Country: Zambia

Date: May 20, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: john 3:16

Am Zambian, i love Jesus for he has been there in my life, very social and am in Hospitality at church, i enjoy evangelism and would like to meet people who will encourage me, am not choosy, i would love to get connected both to male and female people from all over the worked.

Special Categories: ministers

photo Name: Josh Proffitt
Gender: male
Age: 31
Status: not married
Birthday: February 14
City: Moore Haven
State: Florida
Country: United States

Date: May 20, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: 1Corinthians 13:13

Hi, this is my little brother. He was born on Valentines Day 1984.
And was born and raised in Fort Myers, Fl.
He is doing a ten year sentence.
He is a father of one little girl who is 5 years old. But he hopes to have more some day.
He is looking for friends to keep him in touch with the outside world, and someone let him know there is compassion left in the world. My brother is not innocent by no means, but he isn't an animal either.
He loves deeply and hurts deeply. Joshua loves to hunt, and fish. He enjoys fast cars, and cooking. I am sure he has many talents and likes that I am unaware of.

He is a Christian, and has Faith that there is compassionate people left in the world.
He is currently incarcerated at;
Moore Haven C.F
P.O. Box 719001
Moore Haven, Fl
His inmate ID # is Y21819

He looking forward to making a new friend. Thank-You & May God Bless You!!

Special Categories: prison

photo Name: Pachela
Gender: female
Age: 29
Status: not married
Birthday: March 27
When saved: September 2014
City: Cagayan de Oro
Country: Philippines

Date: May 20, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 5:8

Hello my name is Pachela and am trying this site to make new friends from around the world. The story about The Cross recently blew my brain to pieces and it took my sanity away, thankfully.

There's no way I will know all of you but I believe I have people in my life more than what my fingers could count and I would love to have you in my fence :)

I write to anyone (kids,teens,adult) thru email and snail mail. If you are incarcerated and have no means of popping in my inbox, my school address is below.I'd love to hear from you. Say hi and I'll say hi back. :) Please write:) See yah.

Pachela Abes
Iponan National High School
Cagayan de Oro City
Philippines 9000

Special Categories: snail mail,student,prison

Name: Jefyson
Gender: male
Age: 43
Status: not married
Birthday: November 22
When saved: 2/6/2004
City: tolrence
State: California
Country: United States

Date: May 21, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3;16

I am a simple and easy going man who loves GOD and want to use every opportunity to help others come to know him,

Name: Angie
Gender: female
Age: 22
Status: not married
Birthday: December 17
When saved: 2004
Country: Kenya

Date: May 21, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: proverb 31

am Angela from kenya am a Christian love God as my personal saviour am not a person of many words, am happy finding Christian website like these, I hope to meet Christian members like me to chat n share the word of God

Name: Noreen
Gender: female
Age: 36
Status: not married
Birthday: November 28
When saved: 2001
Country: Tanzania

Date: May 21, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: 1JOHN 4:12

Look at your hands, do you saw some drawings? Can they be erased? If no, let our relationship with God be like those drawings. I like to have friends who knows and speaks about Jesus. I like to share and discuss about our life and our relationship with God. I love you all and hope to read from you.

Name: TopCatTC
Gender: female
Age: 45
Status: not married
Birthday: August 13
When saved: 1979
Country: United States

Date: May 20, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: John 10:10 Amp.

The chance to be able to meet friends all over the country is wonderful. My interests are going to church being involved in ministry and attending bible study etc. I love most types of music, Jazz is my ultimate love. I would love to learrn how to garden flowers and vegetables. Love to bake and try new recipes.I live in the city but love the country. I will except male and female pen pals. Send me an email. Would love to hear from you. Take care. T ~

Special Categories: missionary,ministers

Name: hamnson
Gender: male
Age: 27
Status: not married
Birthday: October 24
When saved: 2005
City: payensville
Country: Liberia

Date: May 20, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: john 3:16 for God so love the world.......

hi, I'm hamnson. i live in Liberia.

Special Categories: student

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