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photo Name: JuanRamirz
Gender: male
Age: 38
Status: not married
Birthday: July 20
City: Amarillo
State: Texas
Country: United States

Date: December 4, 2016

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile.

My name is Juan but my family and friends know me by Junior. Iím a born-again Christian, I gave my life to Christ in December 2013. Iím also an ordained ministerÖyeah, I know, I donít look anything like the mental picture that pops up when one hears that, HUH?  Trust me, before 2013, I wasnít the same man I am today! However, for me being ordained was another step toward my ultimate goal of being a counselor to kids involved in gangs and drugs.

Iím currently single, but I do have three beautiful and awesome kids. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I love spending time with family and friends, traveling, going to the beach, concerts, hiking, and have a ton of other interests. I enjoy a variety of subjects and trying new things, so I am very easy to get along with and talk to. Also, my Latino blood naturally brings out the romantic and chivalrous in meÖso, no, ladies chivalry isnít dead!

I pass my time in exile by reading, writing, drawing, working outÖand hoping and praying a loving and caring comes into my life to ease my solitude. It can get pretty lonesome being far away from home and loved ones, so it would be nice to have someone to keep me company and vice versa.

Everyone is welcomed to reply, however, please know that Iím relegated to communicating via snail mail at the moment. Hopefully, that wonít dissuade you from reaching out to me though! If you donít mind investing a little time and patience to lay the foundation for a solid and fruitful friendship then I look forward to hearing from you soon! Juan Ramirez, Jr. #1959250 Clements (HS) 9601 Spur 951 Amarillo, TX 79107-9606

Much love a respect Ė

Special Categories: prison

photo Name: Amiee
Gender: female
Age: 14
Status: not married
Birthday: November 11
When saved: at birth
City: Tempe
State: Arizona
Country: United States

Date: November 11, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: I love all people

lost my parents now living in foster care. I miss my real family and friends. want to meet new friends and chat. not happy here.

Special Categories: homeschool,prison,missionary,ministers

photo Name: skpnunoportugal
Gender: male
Age: 35
Status: not married
Birthday: March 12
When saved: today
City: boston
Country: United Kingdom

Date: November 10, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: whatsapp +447520289301

hi to every member of sassociations!

My name is Nuno Miguel, Portuguese, 35, single, no kids, never been married, and currently living in UK, since 2000.

I work for a local factory, making quilts and pillows, well, it may be a monotonous job, but, it keeps me going, so, i'am always trying to find a suitable job that matches my knowledge.

I'am honest, reliable, trustworthy, respectful, genuine with what i express, i totally hate liars and i dislike people that do not respect others.

I always respect those whom respect me back, so, if you would like to have a friend for life, from Portugal, and you believe i have what it takes to be your friend, then, what are you waiting for? just send me a message, tell me about yourself, ad everything else you may wish to tell about yourself, your family and so forth, besides that, you will have a friend that will respect you, your family, and everyone else within your circle of friends.

Married women should not be afraid of getting in touch with me, even single women, i'm respectful, and i will always be that way towards women, i respect them and always will.

Special Categories: homeschool,snail mail,student,deaf,blind,prison,missionary,ministers,moms,dads

photo Name: Cue_Ball
Gender: male
Age: 45
Status: not married
Birthday: March 15
When saved: 2009
Country: United Kingdom

Date: November 8, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16

Hello. I'm a single man looking for Penpals. I live in West Yorkshire in the north of England.

In my spare time I like reading, cycling, the outdoors. I am currently trying to learn mathematics too. "Trying" being the operative word there I think.

Special Categories: student,prison

photo Name: Mr.Nodaysoff13
Gender: male
Age: 35
Status: not married
Birthday: July 1
City: Pontiac
State: Illinois
Country: United States

Date: October 31, 2016

If you are reading this Iíd like to thank you. Iím at a point in my life where I know whatís important to me and thatís growth and not being afraid to put myself out there.

A few things about me some may find interesting are: Iím an avid reader; music and writing are two of my biggest passions. Iím also very big on sports, college basketball, U Conn Huskies, NFL Eagles, and NBA Detroit Pistons.

Traveling is also something I enjoy.

Iíve also taking a liking to body art as of late. With that, I look forward to meeting new interesting people from different walks of life.

So with that, take care, be safe, and be kind.

Special Categories: snail mail,prison

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Name: Jwaun Poindexter
Gender: male
Age: 27
Status: not married
Birthday: June 16
City: Carlisle
State: Indiana
Country: United States

Date: December 6, 2016

Life is mainly about a compilation of your goals that you set forth for yourself family new experiences and searching for that special someone Aldo 90% of the people we meet or come across at our lifetime doesn't meet your standards nor passes the qualities that we're looking for in a person but if we never give ourselves the chance or equal opportunity to fully explore every possible opportunity that is presented in front of us then we would be only depriving ourselves of finding what we're truly searching for which is love and true happiness

Special Categories: prison

Name: Heidi
Gender: female
Age: 20
Status: not married
When saved: 20 years ago, thogh still a fight
Country: Denmark

Date: December 5, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: Klagesangene

I'm in need of a freind

Special Categories: prison,missionary

Name: Melinda
Gender: female
Age: 32
Status: not married
Birthday: September 1
When saved: 2010
City: Goochland
State: Virginia
Country: United States

Date: November 28, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: A time to forget the former things. Isiah 43 18-19

I am an optimistic and happy Christian woman with a wonderful sense of humor and looking to find and make friends with other Christians. I have had some inner struggles in the past and am trying to move forward. Support and love from others that love God and are working to always improve their lives would mean everything to me.

Special Categories: prison

Name: sarah
Gender: female
Age: 27
Status: not married
When saved: teenage years
Country: United Kingdom

Date: November 27, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 41v13 i take ahold of your hand saying do not fear i will help you ...

I love music...
I love creativity and the beauty of nature, i love friendship and hope to chat to a variety of men and women to share our journeys, exsperiences as well as encourage one another :) x

Special Categories: snail mail,prison

Name: Nathan
Gender: male
Age: 34
Status: not married
Birthday: October 16
When saved: 1996
City: East london
Country: South Africa

Date: November 23, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 John 4 vs 7

Hello am Nathan, looking forward for a very good and interesting friends

Special Categories: homeschool,snail mail,student,deaf,blind,prison,missionary,ministers,moms,dads

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