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photo Name: Irish
Gender: male
Age: 34
Status: not married
When saved: 2000
City: San Diego
Country: United States

Date: January 9, 2015

Thomas Day T01570 C3 04 215 PO box 3471 Corcoran, CA. 93212
I am a Chrisitan Heterosexual Male looking for friendship and correspondence with a fun loving Christian woman.

Special Categories: prison

photo Name: amber
Gender: female
Age: 19
Status: not married
Birthday: June 5
When saved: 2009
State: Virginia
Country: United States

Date: January 6, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: john 3:16

looking for snail mail pals who are looking for a new lasting friendship("

Special Categories: snail mail,prison,missionary

photo Name: Tari
Gender: male
Age: 24
Status: not married
Birthday: February 1
When saved: 2013
City: Tampa
State: Florida
Country: United States

Date: December 22, 2014

Looking for a friend and Godly inspiration of christ. Some I can share my love for Christ with. So thanks if you write me and even a postcard will do. Thank God and God Bless.

Address: Dimontario Hopps T54575
Madison Correctional Institution
382 Southwest MCI Way
Madison, FL 32340

Special Categories: prison,dads

photo Name: Justin
Gender: male
Age: 33
Status: not married
When saved: every day
Country: United States

Date: December 16, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Galatians 2:17-21

My name is Justin VanDera, I am a SWNSM, 33 yrs old, blonde hair. blue eyes, 205 lbs Very Athletic Build. My hobbies include: all sports, drawing, painting, auto mechanics, music, darts, playing pool, the outdoors, camping and letter writing, poetry, writing novels.
I am looking for that special someone to correspond with and get to know through our words and then hopefully more. If you feel that you are that special someone to correspond with me, then please write me at the following info:

Justin VanDera #371591
PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

Sending pictures along with letters would be welcome but not required. I hope to hear from some of you soon. I really hope that you are the one to put a huge smile on my face.

Justin VanDera

Special Categories: snail mail,prison,dads

photo Name: Servant of the Lord
Gender: male
Age: 49
Status: married
Birthday: August 8
When saved: 1985
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistan

Date: December 12, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: " Every one shall be salted with fire." (Mark 9:49)

I'm Augustine Shadab and I have experienced the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal savior in 1985 when I became deadly serious beaten by the religious extremists in Lahore Pakistan, but Lord saved me to die on the road and extended my life to live as spokesman of God. Lord has forgiven my sins and washed me with His precious blood; He poured His love & Spirit and made me a new man and Christís Ambassador in Pakistan.
In the same year (1985) I have been introduced in a team called Operation Mobilization through to a brother in Christ. OM team is an evangelical team based in England and its working around the world as well as in Pakistan. OM moves as traveling team, men team, women team, book shop team, etc.
I started my earliest ministerial work as an evangelist with OM and evangelized three big provinces, Punjab, Sindh and Northern Areas in Pakistan and distributed thousands of bibles & gospel packets among Non-Christians and shared about forgiveness and love of God to them. Everyday OM traveling team reach shop to shop and door to door for evangelism, distributing gospel packets and never missed any opportunity to share that how Lord has changed our lives. It was a great probation period to all OMers where Holy Spirit polished us very well through to strong resistance and persecution. I love my Lord Jesus Christ more than my soul.
I love to write snail mails and having a pen pal. I would enjoy talking to anyone of any age, gender, nationality, religion, as long as they can speak English.

I look forward to hearing from you. God bless you and enjoy your pen pals~!

In Christ
Servant of the Lord.

Special Categories: homeschool,snail mail,student,deaf,blind,prison,missionary,ministers,moms,dads

Name: Sal
Gender: male
Age: 37
Status: not married
Birthday: February 20
When saved: yes
City: Rosharon
State: Texas
Country: United States

Date: January 26, 2015

My name is Sal and I am a born again Christian. I am new to this and I have not ever been on this site. I am Hispanic, I like to go to church and I am pursuing some college. To be honest with you I am currently incarcerated and I have been here for a long time. My main goal through this profile is to gain a good hearted female friend. Someone that will not pass judgement on me because of where I'm at and why I'm in here. I myself am non-judgemental person and I am in need of a true friend. I'm seeking this friendship with any woman that will accept me and help me through this difficult time. I'm seeking a possible long term friendship and future wife. But right now, I really need a friend, sister in Christ, love, prayer warrior and prayer partner. I hope and pray that through this profile, I will gain your friendship. This will be all. Thank you for your time in reading my profile. God bless you and please keep me in your prayers. Please respond to Sal Ytuarte #733583, Stringfellow Unit, 1200 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583

Special Categories: prison

Name: D Simpson
Gender: male
Age: 31
Status: not married
Birthday: September 25
City: Kershaw
State: South Carolina
Country: United States

Date: January 19, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrew 13:3 continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering

Blessings to you and your loved ones in the name of our most precious and glorious lord and savior Jesus Christ I am 6'3 240lbs with a dark chocolate complexion and a brawny physique i am a well grounded down to earth brother who believes in putting the lord first in living life with integrity while keeping a positive outlook on life while surviving the day to day hardships of being incarcerated if i still have your attention it only proves that your willing to look past the dark veil of my past to see what type of man i am instead of being judgemental and stereotypical like so many people in society race age and physical appearance is unimportant im seeking correspondence with someone who would like to build a friendship thats caring creative and consistent without being self defiling manipulative or self centered in closing i want you to know that your presence in my life will be greatly appreciated and that i will respond to all correspondence i will be waiting like a kid on christmas eve for a response to this profile dont be the grinch who stole my christmas

Dennis Simpson 264738
Palmetto A Room 1
Kershaw Correctional Institute
4848 Goldmine Hwy
Kershaw SC 29067

Special Categories: snail mail,prison

Name: Matthew
Gender: male
Age: 30
Status: married
When saved: 4 years ago
Country: United States

Date: January 19, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: If you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God then thou shalt be save.

My name is Matthew i am married got a daughter and another one on the way. I am a preacher been in the ministry for 5 months.

Special Categories: prison,missionary,dads

Name: RayStorm
Gender: male
Age: 41
Status: not married
Birthday: February 26
When saved: 2000
City: Dayton
State: Texas
Country: United States

Date: January 14, 2015

Hello my name is Raymond Paniagua. The day I found God was the day I realized God never left my side. I've been through so my struggles in life as have many others. Looking forward to a brighter future soon. Currently I am incarcerated but looking to meet people who won't pass judgment. Would enjoy building friendships with amazing people who I can help build a stronger faith relationship with. I recently published my first book called "Caught at the Edge" by Raymond Storm. It is available on Amazon E Books if your interested in reading. Once I'm released I hope to push my book so that many people can see how the struggles in life can change us for the better with our faith in God. If interested in getting to know me personally I would gladly give my contact info so we can get to know each other more. God Bless

Special Categories: prison

Name: Lonnie Harrison
Gender: male
Age: 46
Status: not married
Birthday: October 23
When saved: 1989
City: Susanville
State: California
Country: United States

Date: January 14, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 23

I'm in prison please write I need a pen pal a friend to talk to : Lonnie Harrison D55726 C-2-225 H.D.S.P. P.O. Box 3030 susanville California 96127 I am a nice person very intelligent smart I love writing poems reading the bible very liked by people I been incarcerated since 1992

Special Categories: prison,dads

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