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photo Name: Caitlyn
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
Birthday: September 9
When saved: 8 years old.
City: Caldwell
State: Kansas
Country: United States

Date: June 27, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 51:10, "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."

Hey everyone!
I am a Christian teen eager to meet fellow Christians of ALL maturities and circumstances. I really want to let the Lord take charge of everything that goes on in my life. My goal is to make Him my #1!
In my spare time, I love to read, write, work on our busy farm, play piano and guitar, go camping, play sports, stitch, ride my horse, study the Bible, and listen to Christian contemporary music. I have many other interests I'd love to share!
Again, I would love to talk to many other Christians my age who love the Lord and are looking for good fellowship. God bless you for reading this ad, and thank you!
In Christ,

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photo Name: Mandy
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
Birthday: August 11
When saved: When I was six.
Country: United States

Date: June 24, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 23

Hi people!!
I feel like my dream job would be to be a librarian because I'm a nerd like that. I'm studying French, and it would be fun to learn to learn more about the language and culture, but I'm open to any nationality and either gender. I'm looking for a penpal 16-18.
I love to read and I'm a geek about history, which is my favorite subject in school. I like to hang out with my friends and my cats. I also really love lasagna, lemon meringue pie.

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photo Name: Julia
Gender: female
Age: 18
Status: not married
Birthday: April 10
When saved: at the age of 5
City: Egg Harbor City
State: New Jersey
Country: United States

Date: June 23, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I'm an old-fashioned Christian girl. I love to sew, cook, bake, knit and dress modestly. Then again, I am going to college for my A.A.S in Business Administration then for my B.S. in Mathematics. I want to be an actuary. I love to read too.

Special Categories: homeschool,student

photo Name: Chane
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
When saved: Raised in Christian family, so I guess since child
Country: South Africa

Date: June 21, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Quite a few, but one would be Psalm 51:10 - Creat in me a pure heart O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me

I'm shy, but when I get to know someone, then I am outgoing. I can be funny and I like funny people. People think I'm weird, but that's cool. I love to read, although schoolwork is so hectic now (even though I homeschool) that I don't read as much as I used to. All my friends are in different towns, so i don't get to see them much. I would like to talk to someone around my own age and get to know someone from a different background. I thank God for this opportunity. Never done this before, so I am kinda excited and nervous.

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photo Name: Jannie
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
When saved: Working on it.
Country: Netherlands

Date: June 20, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Spreuken/Proverbs 12:10

Hi I'm Jannie from Holland. I live in the city, but my uncles are all farmers. I'm protestant since I was born. I wuld like to email or snail mail with somebody from the USA. I'm intereted how it is to be homeschooled. It is not allowed here. But everybody can write between 13 and 19.

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Name: Laura
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
When saved: When I was 11
Country: United States

Date: June 30, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 8:3-5

Hello everyone! I am a home schooled, conservative Christian with a thriving, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and the Lord of my life!
I am 16, but I can converse and write to almost anyone easily. I prefer snail-mail, but can also e-mail. (No romantic interests, please).
I’m a country girl and live on a small “hobby farm” which I love! I enjoy reading, writing, being outside, music, baking, and being with animals (I love dogs :) I love to laugh and have a good time with whatever I’m doing. I dabble in costume design and someday I want to travel. As a rule I would consider myself easygoing and kind, with a good sense of humor, but of course like many others, I have my bad days.
My goals in life are to “grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ” and to live a happy, productive life wherever he puts me.
I do not need to write to someone who holds the same views as myself, but I am opinionated and not afraid to discuss/defend my opinions! I would love to hear from you!
Thanks for reading and God bless.

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Name: Marissa
Gender: female
Age: 15
Status: married
Birthday: October 31
Country: United States

Date: June 29, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I

Hi! I'm a farm girl who loves God, my family, my friends and my animals. I also enjoy traveling, doing new things and making new friends.

Name: Zoe
Gender: female
Age: 19
Status: not married
Birthday: September 12
When saved: when i was 12
Country: United States

Date: June 27, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Just a normal girl looking forward to have a penpal. Outgoing, easygoing,adventurous. Now a college student majoring in chemistry, trying hard to get some progress. Want to travel the world someday.My Biggest dream is to live in a foreign country, exploring a brand new life style. I really want to have a person who can share feeling with, exchanging idea towards life, and maybe a lifelong friend.
I'm a 🐱Lover
🎶🎧🎤 fanatic
💒 goer

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Name: Jackyy
Gender: female
Age: 13
Status: not married
Birthday: September 26
When saved: I gave my heart to Jesus in September 2013
State: New York
Country: United States

Date: June 23, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16

Hi. I'm a 13 year old christian girl looking for a pen pal. I was born in El Salvador but raised in America. I love to read, watch youtube and netflix and i absolutely LOVE Disney shows and movies. Yo tambien hablo español y quisiera conocer otras personas que hablan español. My dream is to travel the world and help people in need , living in poverty by building shelters and bringing the fresh water etc. i hope you e-mail me! But be ready for random questions and conversations.

Name: Caitlin
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
Birthday: June 15
When saved: When I was 8 years old!
Country: United Kingdom

Date: June 23, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: I wouldn't be able to choose as I believe every single verse in the Bible is important and relevant to all walks of life! I love it all!

Hi everybody!

My name is Caitlin, I am 16 years old and I'm looking for a snailmail penpal (female preferably but if you feel led by God to contact me then do!) who is aged around 24 years and below :)

I am a person who is passionate about Christ and is a growing young woman. I am looking for a long-term snailmail penpal who I grow alongside with through good and hard times. I want to get to know more people who are passionate about their Faith! I am a very friendly and caring person, and I love to learn things that are new to me all the time. I particularly love languages, cultures, travelling and music. I hope to hear from you about things that you are passionate about too!
I sing every sunday at my church to help the congregation worship and praise God. I am looking for people who are friendly and want to get to know me too!

I can write in English and German, -Dutch and French are a possibility too as I am learning those languages as well!

Contact me by email first for a simple hello then we can send letters! (I check my email on a daily basis)

I hope to hear from you soon!

Caitlin x

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