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photo Name: Sebes
Gender: male
Age: 43
Status: not married
Birthday: April 12
When saved: As an adolescent
City: Nordrhine Westphalia
Country: Germany

Date: February 23, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 3:13-15

“If someone proved to me that Christ
is outside the truth, and that in reality the truth were outside of Christ, then I should prefer to remain with Christ rather than with the truth.”― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Eversince i was 17 i've been desperately seeking for a soulmate (a true ethical 'realized' Christian of selfless love, not a conditioned believer who commits sins and then confess), in the vastness of India I couldn't find one, now happened to be in Germany after almost 17 years at this late age of 43, i'm still searching for that to happen!
If you have similar views and feelings, please write to me, you'll certainly find a genuine friend in me.

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photo Name: James
Gender: male
Age: 24
Status: not married
When saved: As a Child
City: Kaiserslautern
Country: Germany

Date: February 22, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 12:2 "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

Hey There,
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA. I’m looking forward to meeting awesome people who have a relationship with God. I love reading and talking about the word and I enjoy discussing how God influences us in our daily lives through the thick and thin. I’m hoping to build some solid Christian friendships with people and am constantly amazed at the power of Christian fellowship!

photo Name: Kezia
Gender: female
Age: 13
Status: not married
Birthday: May 23
When saved: 2004
Country: Germany

Date: February 13, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16

Hi guys,
I'm a young girl which try to find a nice christian penpal. I go into a pentacostel church in my city. I would like to have an english pen pale but I'm sorry about my grammair :)
God bless you all

photo Name: Marike
Gender: female
Age: 25
Status: not married
Birthday: November 21
When saved: when I was 18
Country: Germany

Date: February 13, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:38-39

Hello everyone,
I am a young christian woman from Germany and searching for friends from all over the earth.
I go to a free protestant church called "livestone chapel" and belongs to the Group of the "calvary chapels". I am singing and playing the violin in a worshipteam there.
On my normal days I teach ballet to little girls and boys from 3 years and up to students who are over 60 years old.
In my free time I like to read books, hear christian music, or travel in my holidays. I also like cooking and backing or watch good movies.

Be blessed

photo Name: Sören
Gender: male
Age: 20
Status: not married
Birthday: April 14
When saved: 2005
Country: Germany

Date: January 16, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 6,23

Hi my name is Sören.

I live in Germany and study at an international biblecollege. In my free time I love to make music and composing or just listening to it and I enjoy to play instruments in band and orchestras.
Beside the music I play chess or just hang out with my roommates.
I always seek for christian fellowship all over the world, so if you want a christian German friend just contact me. :)
God bless you !!!!!


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Name: Anki
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
Birthday: October 5
City: Berlin
Country: Germany

Date: February 10, 2014

I'm a 16 years old girl. I realy like the japanese culture, Manga, Anime, Cosplay I am just a little Otaku and I wish a pen pal from japan (15- 25 years)

Special Categories: student

Name: Stefanie
Gender: female
Age: 21
Status: not married
When saved: in 2013
Country: Germany

Date: February 4, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Samuel 22:33

Hi everyone =)

My name is Stefanie and I'm 21 years old.
I am looking for christian penpals from all over the world.
Don't hesitate to contact me.

Be blessed!

Special Categories: snail mail,student

Name: Damilein
Gender: female
Age: 23
Status: not married
Birthday: June 19
When saved: 2009
Country: Germany

Date: January 26, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:30

Hi! I am a canadian seeking a pen pal (email or snail or both). I have been an aupair in Germany for the last 5 months and will be here till July of this year. I am easy going, kind and would like to think i am a good listener. I love writing letters. I am at a place in my life where I would like to receive godly encouragement.
I would like to make new friends, from anywhere in the world. Please message me if you are interested! God bless you.

Special Categories: snail mail

Name: regi
Gender: female
Age: 36
Status: not married
When saved: 2011
City: berlin
Country: Germany

Date: January 26, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: psalms 27.4 one thing i have desired of the Lord that i will seek after that i may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to behold the beauty of the Lord and to enquire in His temple.

am an African lady who is looking for friends to encourage one another and to lift each other up to pray for one another to share the word of GOD:my hobies are meeting friends reading listening to musik socialising wouldnt mind intoducing something new.

Name: Liz81
Gender: female
Age: 32
Status: married
Country: Germany

Date: January 26, 2014

Am 32 years old female living in Germany and am looking for a penpal

Special Categories: student

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