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photo Name: Toshi
Gender: male
Age: 49
Status: not married
When saved: 1986
Country: Japan

Date: February 16, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: Love ! Hope ! Faith !

Greetings in the name of the Lord from Japan !
Hola ! I am Toshi and Okinawan tribe in Japan . I live in Nagoya city . I am a hard of hearing as deaf people but my mind is a hearing person . I am not my personal for deaf behavior. I interested about East Europe ,Ukraine and Russia . So I think I would like to visiting there .
You want to learn ASL and my language . You must know about deaf culture and other counties .
I am a Pentecostal Christian and love your country . I am a ambitious person ,a well-organized person (thorough person ),a tolerance and gentle person.I was ex volunteer NGO to Philippines for 7 years and Vietnam for 7 years . I went over to 71 countries for out reach ministries for 24 years . Welcome you if you like me about my profile ! We love our peace and your countries . Shalom ! Toshi

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photo Name: Yakus
Gender: male
Age: 36
Status: not married
When saved: Yes
Country: Japan

Date: June 10, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: Eph 6:10-Finally bretheren be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

I am very honest person, seeking the Lord daily and willing shear His love with others irrespective of colour, race, geographical location. I sincerely believe that God is love and love is God. Christ Jesus is the bonafide Lord of the universe. He is the source of all life in the Father.

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photo Name: Ai
Gender: female
Age: 29
Status: not married
When saved: I made a confession believing in Jesus Christ as m
Country: Japan

Date: December 11, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepard for every good work. 2Tim2:21

Hello, my name is Ai, who loves spending time talking with people who love Jesus Christ and walk in Him. I'm really thankful that God has shown oneness, which even we gentiles are also allowed to have through Christ. I believed in Jesus Christ when I was 9 with my childlike faith and all the understanding about what God has done through His own son came after. I am still in the process of learning about God's will with so many things unknown, yet enjoying this process learning His word with a lot of help by the Holy Spirit. Now my focus is to be used to edify Christ's body and "love one another" as Jesus commanded. I believe God's word has the power to strenghen all the believers to be completed and prepared for the Jesus' coming. If you know this joy and happiness, please contact me and I'd love to write back to you. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, Ai

photo Name: nomnomnom
Gender: female
Age: 32
Status: not married
When saved: long time ago O_O in Japan
Country: Japan

Date: March 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16,17,18

Hello I am from Japan and I am Japanese female.
I go to protestant church regulary.
I like nature( God created wonderful things) writing, drawing, cooking
cute animals.^_^

I would like to talk with sister and brother in Christ all over the world.

especially someone who is shy. because I am.
but I dont mind about your personality.

(sorry I dont like to talk with married male
I had some problems in the past Please understand.)

if you are interested in Japan or Japanese language,
talking about daily life, sharing bible words with me etc
Please feel free to talk ^_^

I have LINE, skype facebook
Please ask me facebook after being good friends.

God bless you! and he loves you so much.

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photo Name: Yui
Gender: female
Age: 29
Status: not married
Country: Japan

Date: December 10, 2014

My name is Yui. Iím a woman from Japan.
I always wanted to make pen pals, so I decided to take part in this pen pal club.
I prefer snail mail to e-mail. Iíd like to exchange letters with you if you donít mind.
I really want to have snail mail friends aged from 28 to 65. Male or female and your nationality donít matter.
Thank you for reading my message.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Languages I can read/write: English.

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Name: Laila2017
Gender: female
Age: 36
Status: not married
When saved: 2009
Country: Japan

Date: May 17, 2017

I am looking for Christian penpals especially Jewish. I start study Hebrew now.
I am half Japanese, live in Tokyo.

Name: Chirolin
Gender: female
Age: 53
Status: married
When saved: teenage
Country: Japan

Date: March 10, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 90:2

I've been Christian more than half of my life. It'll be great if I could have Christian female friends world wide! I love learning languages. I speak, write and read English, French and Italian. I'm now into German and Finnish. If you're in Germany or Finland who'd like to have a Japanese Christian friend, I'll be happy to hear from you!

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Name: salita
Gender: female
Age: 33
Status: not married
When saved: 2006
Country: Japan

Date: March 4, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 1:21

Hi. I want to correspond with Christians all over the world. Hope we share our walk in Christ.

Name: Afrin
Gender: female
Age: 40
Status: not married
Birthday: February 24
When saved: When I was 19
Country: Japan

Date: March 1, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans12:8


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Name: Leena
Gender: female
Age: 29
Status: not married
Birthday: October 27
When saved: I haven't yet
City: Fukuoka
Country: Japan

Date: September 24, 2016

I am half Japanese and half caucasian, born and raised mostly in southern japan. 'Faith' has always been at my core, but it has not been of one particular faith, but of many. Japan is a polytheistic culture, and I grew up believing all religions are like different views of different angles of the same mountain, but they all lead up to the same pinnacle, under the same sky, reaching toward the one all encompassing universe. I respect all teachings, but I am particularly interested in christianity, and will very much like to learn. I also understand that christianity found a unique way of incorporating original native beliefs in Ireland where there where more nature based polytheistic cultures before, like in Japan.
I am particularly interested in correspondig with christians in Ireland, or someone who will not judge my underlying openness for all beliefs and will still choose to correspond with me to help me undestand christianity and irish cultures.
I am very old fashioned, and looking for snail mail pals.
I look forward to connecting with new people.
God Bless You.

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