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Name: Catherine willie
Gender: female
Age: 30
Status: not married
Birthday: March 4
When saved: June/13/2013
City: port Vila
Country: Vanuatu

Date: May 16, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: John 14:1,to20

Hi my name is cathy I'm from vanuatu,I have four kids,live with a husband but he never wanted to get married,and he also never wanted to go to church with me and the kids,so could anyone can help me and tell me that,is he the right guy for me or not

Special Categories: moms

Name: maki isick
Gender: male
Age: 39
Status: married
Birthday: February 15
When saved: 1992
City: port vila
Country: Vanuatu

Date: January 30, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: phil 4 ;13 i can do all things through christ who strenthen me

i want a penpal of my age 39 both male and females if possible and a presbyterian member denomination in sydney ,australia and willing to share god;s word,and travel to meet friends anywhere if nmoney allows.

Special Categories: snail mail

Name: alliswellingloryh
Gender: male
Age: 63
Status: not married
Birthday: December 9
When saved: August 11, 1972
City: :Port Viila
Country: Vanuatu

Date: January 1, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Haggai 2:9

i am looking for a christian woman friend

Special Categories: ministers,dads

Name: Chay
Gender: female
Age: 14
Status: not married
Birthday: December 23
Country: Vanuatu

Date: July 5, 2012

Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 33:3

Hi everyone. My name is Chelsea but preferred calling Chay. I'm 14 years old & my favourite subjects at school are Science and English. My friends described me as shy,kind,helpful & attentive to others. My hobbies are singing, reading and listening to music. I am Presbyterian therefore looking for a penpal my age. Pliz do email me. God bless :D

Special Categories: snail mail

Name: kalmor Joh
Gender: male
Age: 40
Status: married
Birthday: December 29
When saved: may2011
City: vila
Country: Vanuatu

Date: October 17, 2011

Favorite Bible Verse: 1st cor 13; 4

like listening to religious music, like sharing the word of God with others .

Special Categories: dads

Name: darwin
Gender: female
Age: 28
Status: not married
Birthday: October 10
When saved: 1998
Country: Vanuatu

Date: July 12, 2011

Favorite Bible Verse: jeremiah 33.3

i join this little fellowship with this other students and one senior student came up to me and i accepted the lord as my personal savior but i actually grow up in a christian family

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