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photo Name: Mugisha
Gender: male
Age: 21
Status: not married
Birthday: January 1
When saved: 2015
Country: Rwanda

Date: September 16, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 John 4:19 KJV "We love him, because he first loved us."

I'm Mugisha Charles from Rwanda, just inviting anyone from anywhere. I've got my mind made up, and I won't turn back, because I want to see my Jesus some day.

I've been a "professing Christian" for most of my life. I used to believe I was follower of Jesus because I went to Church and was a "good" person until I found out I wasn't born again to begin with. By his grace, my eyes were opened, I repented and I am a new creature (2 Cor 5:17). I thank Christ every day.

I love reading, writing Christian blogs and sharing the Word of God with both believers (for edification and fellowship) and unbelievers (winning souls for Christ). If you're interested we can be the best pen pals the World can know :)

I'm a College student, studying "Nursing". I'm interested in snail mails mostly and e-mails sometimes. I love people and hope to make friends I can end up meeting some day, if not here, in Heaven.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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photo Name: Fred
Gender: male
Age: 24
Status: not married
Birthday: December 1
When saved: 2009
City: Kigali
Country: Rwanda

Date: February 16, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Galatians 5:22

Iam aborn again,willing to make friends allover the world.
Iam an easy parson.

photo Name: Alex Wanyoike
Gender: male
Age: 27
Status: married
When saved: 2005
Country: Rwanda

Date: December 21, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11 ďFor I know the plans I have for you,Ē declares the Lord, ďplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Ē

I subscribed to this site to meet new people and to build good friendships. Here goes a little bit bout myself. Iím a 27 year old.Born and raised in Kenya but currently living in Rwanda.Am an African, dark brown eyes with a big smile and a bigger heart.My likes are simple. Iím well rounded when it comes to entertainment. I listen to music,reading and Travelling/adventure. Iím always open for new things. As for my dislikes, I donít have many, but the one that tops the list are liars. Iíd rather you hate me for who I am, than for you to like me for who Iím not. With me, expect the honest truth. Iíll tell it like it is. With that said, I hope to hear from you soon.

Special Categories: missionary,dads

photo Name: amanda
Gender: female
Age: 23
Status: not married
Country: Rwanda

Date: October 21, 2014

hi my name is amanda,i'm not good at talking abt my self but i love jesus and i will like to grow in Him,to get to know him more and more ,to live to know him and its not that easy,:-p !i'd like to meet more christians,and just meet new friends in general....,write to me :-))

Special Categories: student

photo Name: FreeFred
Gender: male
Age: 36
Status: married
Birthday: April 12
When saved: 2003
Country: Rwanda

Date: September 24, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 6:18

Hello Friends, my names Fred MUGISHA, a born again christian, i love Jesus Christ as my Savior and people of different race, religion and culture as well.
Am a youth pastor and an internal auditor of the church. Am an employee to GVEP International serving as Regional Business Mentor.

My Address
Kigali city-Rwanda
P.O.BOX, 5101

Telmob:(+250) 788515125
May almighty Lord bless you so much

Special Categories: snail mail,missionary,ministers,dads

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Name: frans
Gender: female
Age: 48
Status: married
When saved: 2014
Country: Rwanda

Date: March 26, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: jeremiah 29;11

lm a very good christian woman who loves God with a passion.
kind, friendly,loving, caring and very honest..

Name: clenos
Gender: male
Age: 34
Status: not married
Birthday: June 7
When saved: adventist church
City: kigali
Country: Rwanda

Date: January 31, 2017

Favorite Bible Verse: john 4:16

hi i am a single male of 34 years old open mind like others christians i have problems to continue my education so if i find a helper may God be blessed thank you!!!!!

Special Categories: student

Name: Prince Bernard
Gender: male
Age: 25
Status: not married
Birthday: July 7
When saved: novembre 22, 2016
City: Kigali
Country: Rwanda

Date: November 23, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: Philp 2:4

hello every one, my hobbies are: reading bible, pray, sing, workhard, tv, i'm humble, respectful, listener, i like to have a friend fron all over the world. race, ethnic, countries, are nothing. God Bless You

Special Categories: snail mail,missionary

Name: Emmy Mundanikure
Gender: male
Age: 42
Status: married
Birthday: October 5
When saved: Days Ago
City: Kigali
Country: Rwanda

Date: November 7, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: Phil 2:4

Hello, I'm a pastor, i'm Looking for a friend, to share the gospel of God. I'm happy to have you as my friend. be blessed

Name: Rehema
Gender: male
Age: 30
Status: not married
Birthday: January 30
When saved: 2010
City: Kigali
Country: Rwanda

Date: October 16, 2016

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalms 91

Let me reply your who are you?!
I am Rehema Twagirayesu with 23 years old, I am boy, my name Rehema means grace in English, so I am supposed to be kind as my name say it lol! I am still single,I have my 2brothers and 2sisters,my father and step mother! I have high school diploma in mathematic, chemistry and biology, I took bible correspondence courses!!! I like cooking, driving, traveling,using Internet, having white people as my friend,expanding my global idea from different culture, playing basket ball, singing, preaching,paying attention of somethings, playing games in computer or iPad!!! My dreams, I have dream to attend theological college, I have dream of reaching outside of Africa, I have dream serving Lord openly! Some thing discouraged me much in my life, it is the loss of my biological mother, something brought my happiness much than other it is the salvation I got, because before I got born again, I would not have hope of tomorrow and my pleasure would not come, in Jesus we found the pleasure, in Jesus we find the parents, brothers and friends! Amen, let me remind you that we are talking because of the act of Jesus christ's blood! Praise him that he joined the unjoined things, many people we were dead but today we are rejoicing in Jesus name! Let me tell you the person that God love more than others, it is the person who lift the glory of God! The one who speak the best of God, the powerful of God! This is a little of me! If you want to ask me more go ahead and I think I will ask you when you will get time! My main purse of friendship to you, I would like to be your Christian penpal at the mos, we will share things that grow us spiritually and that rise my global idea! And I hope God will support our friendship

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