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photo Name: MARIA
Gender: female
Age: 22
Status: married
Birthday: March 20
City: Toba Take singh
Country: Pakistan

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: óMark 10:13-14

Hello everyone ;
Greeting to you in the name of Lord Jesus ; My name is Maria Kamran From Pakistan ; I am Christian . I am teach the children from the Word of God ; I hop contact me soon ; I am Waiting your good response ; PRAISE THE lORD IN THE GREATEST NAME OF Christ Jesus ; Who was , Who is and Who is to come Who Kind of Kings and Lord of Lord ;
I am serving the throat children ministry here in Pakistan ; each Sunday I am teach the children from the Word of God ; some orphans and some poor children ; I am helping the poor family ; Please contact me ;
May God bless you ;
Maria Kamran from Pakistan

Special Categories: homeschool,missionary,ministers

photo Name: Frances Ann
Gender: female
Age: 62
Status: married
Birthday: May 12
When saved: now
City: Glendale
State: Arizona
Country: United States

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Song of Simeon Luke 2:29-32 LORD now let your servant go in peace....

I am looking for FEMALE ONLY pen pals snail mail only who are between the ages of 50-70 USA CANADA UK IRELAND only

I was Catholic for 40 years till my Mom passed away then i began to read about all religions as i Honored my Mom by going to her church but along the way i got lost and was not a very good christian switching back and forth to many diff religions NOW i am born again this is GOD giving me a second chance and being with his Holy Spirit HE is in charge of my body mind soul I accept his total control and I am his servant..

I read Joyce Meyer Books, Amish Books, Pioneer Journals of real women who traveled the west, I love Guidepost books and all Christian books..
I have a new FACEBOOK page

Amishwmn Magness my facebook name

as i spent summers at my uncles farm in Ohio right off Lake Erie I respect the Amish Simple pure way of life.

I am doing Bible Studies with a Large print Bible and several other Christian Books...

I am cross stitching quilt blocks for a wall quilt..Cat lover in past we rescued dogs our last dog Peaches lived till she was 15 years we are up to our eyeballs in cats LOL..

I am a T2 diabetic and cancer survivor

I relate better to women who have had a long hard road of illness and sadness in their life... been there done that..

i have stickers and bookmarks to share..

Peace be with You..

Magness Homestead
6218 N 47 AVE
Glendale , AZ


Special Categories: snail mail

photo Name: Mel
Gender: female
Age: 22
Status: not married
Birthday: March 8
When saved: 2011
City: Kuching
Country: Malaysia

Date: August 25, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:21 God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.

Was once with a broken heart but saved by His amazing love! I love to connect people with same faith from all over the world! It would be great too if we can use the traditional way like writing real letters~ : )

Special Categories: snail mail,student,missionary

photo Name: omrkvln
Gender: female
Age: 23
Status: not married
Country: Finland

Date: August 24, 2015

with business reason I am from Turkey. I'm here to find a social media friends I can chat with myself. traveling sports music to my private interests .

photo Name: Tim
Gender: male
Age: 37
Status: married
Birthday: May 6
When saved: 10/01/2014
City: Salem
State: Oregon
Country: United States

Date: August 24, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

He is a very healthy and fit man with a good head on his shoulders. He is accountable for the choice he made to find himself in this situation. He truly regrets the actions that brought him to this dark place. He loves his children and he is wanting support to prepare him for release. He loves the outdoors, motorcycles, and antiques, He just really wants some folks who have a love for the Lord to give him encouragement and help make these dark days brighter.

Name: Kathy
Gender: female
Age: 56
Status: married
When saved: 1993
State: Texas
Country: United States

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: They all have meaning to me...

Looking to be pen pals with other Mom's from around the world.

Special Categories: moms

Name: Brother Art
Gender: male
Age: 44
Status: not married
When saved: age 14
Country: United States

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Deut 7:7-9

I am a intelligent and kind male.More of a loner but I do socialize.Having an active prayer life is very important to me.I believe in staying humble before the Lord and yielding myself to Him as I seek His Kingdom,righteousness,will and voice.I believe that nothing is more important than being in God's will.
My discernment is very strong and I generally pick up on things and the motives of people almost at an instant.I would suggest that sincere people of faith only contact me.
I am not in search of romance on this website.My desire is to connect with others in hopes of communicating and developing friendships in respect.I know that in life we should have boundaries when it comes to meeting new people.No one should really try to get too personal.We should allow relations to develop and those relations should include God from the beginning.
Music is a passion of mine as I am a musician and singer.I keep a very active schedule musically.Between my church and also weddings or community events,my schedule is always busy doing something musically.
History and geography were always my favorite two subjects in school.I am looking to return back to college in January.Please pray that I will do well and will stay focused.
I 'd love to begin a journey of meeting new people all over the world.I am no stranger with meeting people online.Some of my best friendships were started online.
We are blessed to be a blessing is my motto.I believe that God ordains for His people to unite.We gain strength that way.Iron sharpens iron.
Contact me if you are interested.My prayer over this is that the right people will come into my life and it will serve purpose.God bless

Brother Art
187 West Broad Street apt2
Bridgeton,NJ 08302

Special Categories: snail mail,ministers

Name: lilou
Gender: male
Age: 31
Status: not married
Birthday: October 1
When saved: 2012
City: akbou
Country: Algeria

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

HELLO f this is my ads :

first name : HAROUN
last name : HAKIM

adress : BP 29 ( E )Akbou bejaia ALGERIA
EMAIL : newking09athotmaildocom
skype : picatchu6
facebook :Mike Plotteur
i'm man 31 years old single; i search friends from all around the world
i speak french and englsih
my hobies ; sport music internet reading nature
contact me in my email or send me lettre i reply sure with potcards ....

Name: janz
Gender: female
Age: 32
Status: married
When saved: July 18th 2015
Country: Saint Lucia

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: Believe on the lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved

I am a married women wanna meet only female friends FOR FRIENDSHIP only

Name: Cathy
Gender: female
Age: 31
Status: married
When saved: many years ago.
Country: Poland

Date: August 26, 2015

Favorite Bible Verse: all of them

I am looking for the nice female friends around the world. ( I am really sorry, but I prefer girls because I am married.) It does not matter where you are from as long as you love Jesus. I would like to correspond with the ladies from Europe but of you live you and you feel as if God wants us to be friends you can still write me. :)

about me : I like books, cats, blue dresses, villages, piano music, violins and movies.

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