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photo Name: vhan
Gender: female
Age: 24
Status: not married
Birthday: February 28
When saved: 7/24/2014
Country: Philippines

Date: July 24, 2014

About vhan Hi...(^_^)

Im just plain yet friendly and fashionable person .....
i am creative and very lovely woman,knows how to deal with various things
Honestly...I am kind of person that you wouldn't wish to be your special friend when you strongly believe in love at first sight
I found myself in awe of appreciation
i am in favor of changes,changes that promote myself in taking advantage for the growth of my career......
i always reposes on my hard bed while studying and recollecting my past
I am a person doing my own task without the help of others cause I had no money to remunerate for their serving on the other hand....,I'm responsible of all things...........always seizing the opportunity that knocks on my door beware of me hehehe
I am always ready to grab anything..and also I does not placed myself at the mercy of faith..(^-^)
I do not deal with anybody discourteously
I preferred those primrose and fearless friends,always think positive way even do it is negative already cause I a woman that has staid life having the subjective of my canoe... ...
I loves going to parties I can;t deny that I really loves music..
I wish someday i could have my own business like flower shop,restaurant.mall and computer shop.....watching tv ,surfing the net,hanging out with my friends, texting and reading books are my avocation.
As of now I'm single and not yet ready for a new commitment ever do there are so many guys prowling me around hahaha..haba ng hair lol....
I love to play badminton,Volleyball.for me to kept myself very celestial and blomming . . plz..dont bother your mind if you dont understand the my word
I like those people uses too many flowery words...
I ought to put interest of my property...
I am well proportioned,have a sense of humor and easy to train
I'm easily afflicted with a good looking appearance
anyway Im noted for my extreme spendtrift
I went to an unfrequented place everytime I go hurt...
My truly is ready to serve all the time
I hate those people against all my plan,I dont want people who are opportunistic and also repressing me from the thing I wanted to do....
I hate those people judging me in negative things thru their dirty mind..However I don't really care them cause everyone has negative and villain attitudes even you....!

If you want to know me better just text me thru this
# 09488889829 ...

photo Name: Michael
Gender: male
Age: 27
Status: not married
Birthday: September 12
When saved: 5/7/2000
City: canton
State: Ohio
Country: United States

Date: July 23, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Anything

I'm a fun guy to be around I'm michael I'm 27 yrs old
I love sports and I love to travel and I love cooking too
I go to church every Sunday
I'm looking for a relationship and somebody that wants to go on a date right away
If u have Facebook and Skype that's even better
Also if u live in Oregon that's a plus
I'm looking for somebody in Ohio tho

Special Categories: snail mail,student

photo Name: Alexis
Gender: female
Age: 38
Status: married
Birthday: August 6
When saved: August 2008
State: Tennessee
Country: United States

Date: July 23, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son, and whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life"

A native New Jersey girl, however I spent a lot of time growing up in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge section to be exact, 72nd St between 13th and 14th Ave to be more exact, but I just relocated to Tennessee, however I will always be Jersey, no matter what. Although married, due to conflicting schedules, I tend to get lonely and am looking for people to talk to and build friendships. If this is you, feel free to write, but please have a real picture, as I like to know who I'm speaking to.

And to begin to fall in love is the best feeling ever. To know that the one you are with can give you everything to make you totally complete. To be able to let go of all fears and all doubts and that's when you know for sure, that's when it is meant to be. Mother of 2 wonderful children. I have one boy and one girl, they are fantastic. I love thunderstorms and the beach--preferably together-- white roses are my favorite, except i like just a simple, single one. I am a complex, yet simple person. I love being analytical. I have many philosophies on life. I write songs and poetry. My most favorite thing to do of all time is go to this place called the Sewaren Bay at night and just look out into the water and listen to the waves crash. And my 2 most favorite songs are "Something to Believe In" by Poison and "How Do You Talk To An Angel" by The Heights. I love rock music, preferably 80's. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in love at first sight, I used to live with 3 ghosts, I love standing in the rain, I write better when I'm sad or depressed. Everything happens for a reason, and it will all work out to how God wants it. Life is short, live crazy. Don't ever regret anything, otherwise you wouldn't be who you are today. Anything else you need to know, just ask me...

I hate the fact that my alarm goes off at 6am everyday, I despise peas and brussel sprouts, and have a weakness for chocolate. I have a degree in sarcasm =) but please don't let that stop you from writing to me...

Coffee is my addiction 24/7, Tattoos, piercings, music, poetry, sunflowers, tigerlillies, the ocean, rainstorms, sunsets, dollhouses, writing, photography, butterflies

Favorite Music
Motley Crue, Skid Row, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Unspoken, Winger, Slaughter, Firehouse, Metallica, No Doubt, Def Leppard, G'n'R, Slaughter, Danger Danger, Type O Negative, Cradle of Filth, Nightwish, Poison, Days of the New, Meatloaf, Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, NKOTB, Paula Abdul, Kid Rock, Vanilla Ice, Daughtry, Skid Row, Bon Jovi

Favorite Movies
Dirty Dancing, Top Gun, Breakfast Club, Grandma's Boy, 40 Year Old Virgin, Passion of the Christ, Gremlins, ET, Titanic, The Goonies, The Outsiders, Footloose, Sixteen Candles, Amadeus, Anything horror or scary, Passion of the Christ, Fireproof, Outsiders, Dracula, Legends of the Fall, the Vampire Diaries

Favorite TV Shows
Investigation Discovery, History, American Idol, anything Winnie the Pooh

Favorite Books
John Grisham, Jeanette Oke, Stephen King, Twilight Series, Harry Potter series, Danielle Steele, Judy Blume (when I was 13) Sweet Valley High (when I was in High School, which was so long ago), I enjoy reading, but never seem to find the time.. I like historical fiction, some fantasy (especially if about secret underworlds), Edgar Allen Poe, I like true crime, biographies

Favorite Quotes
It's not what you had, it's what you did. Buy a pair of shoes, wear them until the soles are falling off and the laces are shreds and you can no longer tell what colour they started out as because it's been so long they've been on your feet .... that's life. It's the experiences you've had, not the package you've had them in.
The one who angers you, controls you.
If we all lead sinless lives, then Jesus would have died in vain
The Trinity of Stupidity... Me, Myself, and I
Jesus is God in human likeness
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed. - Carl Jung
One who lives life with passion is like a brightly burning fire. A small, dim fire can easily be extinguished by gusts of wind, but a large, bright one will grow bigger as the wind grows stronger. In the same way, the more obstacles a passionate person encounters, the brighter and stronger that person grows

Never take someone for granted.
Hold every person close to your heart,
because you might wake up one day and realize,
that you've lost a diamond,
while you were too busy collecting stones.

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photo Name: Nicholas
Gender: male
Age: 22
Status: not married
Birthday: March 2
When saved: as a young child then back slid in my late teens;
City: Crestview
State: Florida
Country: United States

Date: July 23, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 32:38-40, 2 Corinthians 4:6-10, Jeremiah 15:21, Isaiah 49:25

I'm Nicholas, I would like to make connection where I can make true friends; friends that will make me a better person,who would lift you up. I have never really had a true blue friend. Both of my parents became critically ill when I was 16 and my sister and I took care of them and the house hold. Not that it was their fault but after my mom almost died, I lost it and that is when I started hanging around with the wrong people thinking that they were my friends but I learned that they were not my friends at all. We just used each other and always had ulterior motives. Mine was mostly just wanting to get out of the house and away from my parents illness. But I was so lost and lonely never really having a real friend in my life. And of course when I started to look for relief in the world I was even more lost and lonely for any kind of a relationship. Which lead me down the road and landed me here. I was just with the wrong people at the wrong time and I disobeyed my that night she warned me that she had a bad feeling about going off with
the group of people that I went off with and I should have listened to her. Yet, she has always been there for me and has constantly encouraged me.

I enjoy working out and MMA. My father would take us fishing and to all the high schools games so I'm into all types of sports.He also took my brother and me once a year on a father and son camping trip before he became to sick.

I want to be a man that walks with godly integrity, with a heart that fully trust in Him for all things. I want God's will in my life and not my own. I want to feel my God's endless love and his presence in my life each and every day.

Special Categories: snail mail,prison

photo Name: Michael
Gender: male
Age: 18
Status: not married
When saved: As a little child
Country: Austria

Date: July 23, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: James 4:8 Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Hi, my name is Michael and I would really like to have an English-speaking pen pal. On the one hand I want to get to know English-speaking people and talk about life and god and get to know other cultures. And on the other hand I would really appreciate to improve my English skillls. ;)
Don't wait, just write to me.

God bless you,

Special Categories: student

Name: Madisen
Gender: female
Age: 16
Status: not married
When saved: I was saved in 2007
State: Virginia
Country: United States

Date: July 24, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 8:38-39 - For i am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Well, my name is Madisen Stitt, people call me Maddie for short. I LOVE JESUS with all my heart. I have 7 siblings; 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters. My brothers are all married and have kids, so it's just me, my parents, and my sisters living in the house. We also have a boxer named Zeus. I've lived in a christian household my whole life. About 2 years ago, we left this church/school, losing all my friends in the process. But, you know what, God is closer to me than he ever was. And i am now homeschooled.
I am the jokester of my family. I make a lot of stupid jokes which drives my older sister crazy. Haha. I am known to be very nice and funny. :) I love riding my bike and reading books. I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis and NARNIA!!! FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAN!!! I love bowling, even though i'm terrible at it. I also love ice skating, but i am literally the worst ice skater you will ever see. I also want to learn Japanese, that is on my bucket list.
I don't care who you are or what you've been through, i've been through a lot ,also, so don't hesitate to message me. I will freely give you my email. God Bless, and i hope to hear from any of you soon. :)

Special Categories: homeschool

Name: koni
Gender: male
Age: 37
Status: married
Birthday: April 12
When saved: when i was 19
City: lae
Country: Papua New Guinea

Date: July 24, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: jeremaiah 29;11. I know the plans i have for you declares the lord

a life without jesus is miningless

Name: sarahayman
Gender: female
Age: 23
Status: not married
Birthday: June 19
When saved: any
City: jakarta saratan
Country: Indonesia

Date: July 24, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: spalm 121

I am an easy going girl with good heart and open minded,I am an easy going girl with good heart and open minded,I am an easy going girl with good heart and open minded,I am an easy going girl with good heart and open minded,

Gender: male
Age: 30
Status: not married
Birthday: April 29
When saved: 2000
Country: South Africa

Date: July 24, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: roman 10v 13

down to earth God fearing man

Special Categories: student

Name: James C.
Gender: male
Age: 30
Status: not married
Birthday: May 15
When saved: 22-04-2004
Country: India

Date: July 24, 2014

Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 41:10

I am James, and I became a Christian when I was 20.Now I am working as a voluntary missionary among the Buddhist in North part of India.

Special Categories: missionary

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