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The people who sat in darkness the great light hath seen; and they who have sat in the region and shadow of death, the light has arisen upon them. – (Mathai 4:16) The Aramaic Peshitta

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About me

I am looking for Friends from all over the world and of all ages to chat with I seem to get along better with males than with females but anybody can write to me I live a daily life of contemplation, prayer and seeking divine union with the Beloved, I am searching for a Heart Friend the one who connects to my heart and I connect to their heart.


I love music and some of my favorite bands are Kraftwerk and Neu and other Krautrock bands during the 1970’s I also like the sounds of Turkish Psychedelic like Erkin Koray.


Take note that I have no interest in any women from Africa or the Philippines I am also not interested in Ministries from India or Pakistan I have nothing in common with you


I now have unlimited Texting at (740) 807-1536


1. Fierce was the wild billow; Dark was the night; Oars labour’d heavily; Foam glimmer’d white; Trembled the mariners; Peril was nigh; Then said the God of God, —”Peace! It is I!”


2. Ridge of the mountain-way; Lower thy crest! Wail of Euroclydon, Be thou at rest!


3. Sorrow can never be,— Darkness must fly,— Where saith the Light of Light, —”Peace! It is I!


4. Jesu, Deliverer! Come Thou to me: Soothe Thou my voyaging Over Life’s sea! Thou, when the storm of Death Roars, sweeping by, Whisper, O Truth of Truth! —”Peace! It is I!” By S. Antatolius


His Heart is like a ruby being hit by many laser lights and even if it breaks and shatters into pieces of glass there will always be somebody standing near-by to pick up all the remaining  pieces to put them back together again. – Vector Wars: Book 3



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