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I was born into an Atheist family, mother former Roman Catholic but possibly Jewish, father Jewish. I was raised with no concept of God whatsoever.
I left ARgentina to emigrate to Israel in 1976. I met a man with whom I lived with for nearly 5 yrs and we indulged in all sorts of rebelious ways, I dabbled in all kinds of false religions till God, in 1981 showed me that He had died for me, I immediately forsook all, including my body and plans, background and desires and , on my own, I was born into a newness of life that totally separated me from sin , self and the world, and empowered me to go (without a bible yet) to share the message of the cross to all sorts of ‘scum’ people…..I had a love for the lost and when I had a bible, an unquenchable desire to read it. I inmediately understood that He was my teacher, My pastor, My husband, My provider, My healer, My restorer. I did not have a human being to show me the way for He had come the Way in Me., I was baptized in England where I was born again….

I lost the first love as the majority of the ones I know world wide, I lost the vision of eternity without God, the vision of His glory, the Vision of the cross as the only means to know the Lord, His grace , His love and power.
I know that I am in search of HIM and HIM alone, no matter the cost, I will not adjoin myself to dead religiosity, I know that the only true church is fully portrayed in ACts, that anything that is not in accordance with this is false.

Before I close, I have to say that I am truly sorry for those one writes to in the attempt to have closeness in Christ with and who do not even reply, well, you DO IT UNTO THE LORD AND UNTO HIM ONLY, SO He says in the word.

A person who has fully turned to the Lord for salvation, counting on the cross as means of righteousness , and is willing to be led all the way, who has been cleanses by the blood of the Lamb is HOLY and is the temple of the HOly Spirit and it is unto Him that coldness of heart or indifference is done.

May you seek HIM again and renounce to all that gives you comfort and pleasure that is of this world, our fountains should be in God and God alone

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