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United States of America

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United States

Favorite Bible Verse

I am not sure if I have a favorite, but on different occasions, certain verses speak to my heart a little more.

When saved

I am not quite sure, I do remember all of the times I went to the alter or said a prayer, but that isn't necessarily the same thing as true repentance and receiving salvation I have learned.

About me

Hello everyone,

I hope to have the chance to meet you all at some point or another. I am finding that sometimes the Christian walk can feel rather lonely, even with  a local church and family. I would love to talk to you all, just to hear about your day, your struggles, your blessings, and your thoughts-as well as share with you all of these things about me. I have learned that being a follower is not easy, but there is no alternative for those of us who realize our true nature. I have tried to go at it alone or confide in people who may not truly understand what it’s like, but I have resolved that I can’t walk anymore by myself. I know the road is narrow, but there is enough room for a few friends. Will you walk with me?

I don’t mind your age or gender, so long as we can promise to be friends 🙂


About me: I am pretty simple. I enjoying reading, writing, baking, cooking, and trying new teas. The perfect day for me has never been a night out on the town, rather sitting in my armchair with my journal and a cup of hot tea or spending time with a small group of people. I enjoy being near the water, although I am a terrible swimmer! I recently moved to Georgia from Northern California and what a difference it is, especially the humidity, but I absolutely love the green trees and how they look come fall.

I am currently a 2nd year graduate student studying Speech-Language Pathology and I love what I am learning despite the hectic schedule. I hope to eventually work with children either in the schools or at a pediatric hospital. I am beginning to take an interest in gardening (particularly for produce, but I love flowers!) and am currently learning braille transcription online. I only speak English, but I wish I had continued studying Spanish because I was rather good at it and it is a very useful and beautiful language. I have also attempted dutch and learning the ukelele, but those have been on the back-burner since grad school started.


Anyways, lots of unrelated information I have given you, but hopefully we will get to know each other more!



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