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These are just some of the testimonials that we have received from believers who met their lifetime partner on our site.

photo Beau and Michelle

Id like to say thanks to God for this web site and giving you opportunity to use it to meet the right woman to marry. I was talking to Michelle online for about 8 months in 2008. In November 2008 we met in Manila in the Philippines. Then we decided to marry on the 31st of January 2009. We are really happy and God used this web site to bring us together. Thanks and God bless

photo Josephine and Ray

Josephine and Ray first met thru Christianpenpals.com in January of 2007. Jo was from the Philippines, Ray from the USA. At the urging of her boss, Jo wrote an email to Ray. For about 18 months Ray and Jo exchanged emails and chats. In the Summer of 2008, Ray made the journey from South Bend, Indiana, to Cebu, Philippines to meet Jo. On the 4th of May this year [2009], Jo came to the USA after waiting for 9 months for K-1 visa clearance, which they accomplished without a lawyer or any service. Four days later, they were married in Sault Ste Marie Michigan by their assistant pastor Randy Peasley of the Church of Christ there. Thank you Christianpenapals.com and moreover to God, for a blessed marriage.

Ray and Josephine Jensen

photo Markus and Luisa

Hi, This is Markus, and I am from Mississippi.

I met someone from this website whose name is Luisa. She is from Bogota, We met three years after I quit smoking (We both prayed for God's will, and both also prayed for signs from the Lord and he answered our prayers.

Everything all worked out and there were no major obsticals. However even though it is hard in itself to do all of the paper work the Lord worked it all out and made it work sooner than expected. We were married in Santa fe, NM on Sept. 3rd 2008. I thank the Lord for everything. I had no idea I would have ever met my wife on a website, but God can use things no matter what it is for His glory.

We are currently living now in Mississippi and are happily married.

The Lord bless everyone,

Markus and Luisa

Nara & Alain

Dear friends,

About 3 years ago we (me and my lovely husband) met each other in this website. As the days were passing by, our friendship grow more and more. Last october we got married and soon we are going to celebrate 1 year of marriage.

We would like to thank you guys beacuse thru this page God had joined us. We want to encourage you to keep this page online because God may use it to bless more people like he did with us.

Liebe Grüsse from Switzerland,
Nara & Alain Filliol


Hello All!

I don't usually do things like this, but I have to tell you what God did for me and my love through this site. Over five years ago now, I had just gotten the internet at home, decided to try having a penpal or two, and put an add on your site. One of the people I met, was a guy by the name of Garry. We started writing back and fourth, and got along pretty well. Unfortunately, we lost contact after two months.

There was little I could do, so I went on with life. Five years later, this past May, 2006; I was on a chat room I've been a member of for a while. And lo and behold, Garry was there! Neither of us knew immediately who the other was; but my conversation with someone else caused him to ask some questions. You can imagine our suprise when we made the connection!

Garry told me that he had fallen for me 5 years before, but hadn't said anything. After we lost contact, the fire kept burning, and he prayed that God would find a way to bring me back into his life. Five years later He did!!! That evening, in May, we talked literally all night. That was the start of things.

Now, I am pleased to say that as soon as may be arranged; I will be joining him in Australia to become his wife. I live in the US. If it weren't for your site, I'm not sure we would have met up at all. So I am very thankful for your site, and I praise God daily for my Garry.


Allen & Tes

It's with much love and fondness that I contact you there at this organization. I joined in here I think in Sept of 2002. God graciously used this penpal club to unite my filipina wife to me. You sent my link to her email address...she was not a member. I got an email from her saying "....I hope God gives you the desires of your heart". Today we are married 3 yrs with a beautiful 2yr old girl. Thanks for being available for God to use to unite two very different people. God bless you all and our brothers and sisters that search this site: MAY GOD GIVE YOU ALL THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEARTS ALSO.

In His Name, allen, tes n tia

"Mr. & Mrs. Wright"

My wife and I met on Christian Pen-pals over a year ago...got engaged and were married on the 15th of August 2006. We have been truely blessed by God and continue to be.Our beginning would never have happened without this wonderfull site.I'm from California and she is from Medan Indonesia, where we were married and now are praying the Lords blessings for her VISA. May God surely bless and keep this site on the WEB. Thankyou.


I am so sorry for being late, about 2000 or 2001 I met a man on your site. We have been married for 3 1/2 years will be 4 years in Nov 19. He is the most gentless man I have ever met.My name is Yolanda Lipscomb , Yolanda Okorocha now, His name is Charles Okorocha. I met him while I was fasting one year for church , I had the chance to go to West Gambia and that is where we got married at. I have been meaning to mail you but I have been so busy, with school I just wanted to take the time to say thanks so much , for changing my life for the better, I hate the computer, but Charles and I email for almost 1-2 years before I went to married him. I don't get on the computer much. I just did not want another year to go pass with out me saying thanks. We were married Nov 19, 2002 and he came to America with the help of the Lord and my church in 2003 of Sept. Again we say thanks

photo Mr. and Mrs. Dan Curry


photo Carey and Gail

God is so good. In June 2003 I was looking through the penpal ads. I saw a Gail a Filipina. Well we corresponded and friendship led to serious courtship. In December 2003 I went to the Philippines to meet Gail. Well we became engaged and the paperwork started. We were married November 13, 2004 in the USA.

Here it is almost our one year anniversy and we are expecting a baby boy in March of 2006. God has been so good to us. We had both been praying for God to give us a equally yoked mate and he has. We are forever grateful to the ministry this website offers. We hope that others are blessed with the love that we have found.

May God Bless you Carey and Gail and baby Michael

photo Bob

Christian Greetings !

Never, never under-estimate the reaching power of this wonderful website.

I never thought that I would ever find the right person to love and be loved in return, but 9 months ago, God reached down and sent me the Angel He wanted for my life. (Amy)

I will forever remain thankful and grateful to CPP and to God for this wonderful blessing.


photo Melanie West

Dear Christian PenPals,

I been wanting to write you guys and thank you for your wonderful site. I am a Filipina, married to an American guy I meet through your site. My husband saw my profile here in January of 2002, we exchange emails and chat a little bit but I was not really looking for marriage at that time and work had been keeping me busy. We didn't have communication for a while though I do like him a lot. But things happen in my job, I prayed for a husband. I post my profile again in July 2002 and there he was, the very first ones who wrote me again not knowing it's still same me. I got several other letters too but none of them came close to who I thought God wants me to have. It didn't took us long, I was scared but I knew God was at work. After a lot of emails, chat and phone calls, he decided to come and see me before my son's 7th birthday. We meet him at the airport on September 11, 2002. My son rush to his arms right there inn the airport and I knew, it's all over. He proposed and I married him soon after. In May 7, 2003 my son and I join him here in America. I am now pregnant with our baby and it's another boy. It has been such a great and wonderful journey. He was everything that I hoped a husband and a father would be. God indeed work in mysterious ways. May God continue to bless your work and may you continue to be a blessing to others just like you are to us. Here's a photo of our family taken in New York last Christmas.

Thanks again and Lord Bless!

Melanie Decrepito - West

It was May 24th that Jon sent me the first email. He introduced himself as working out of the country due to government work in Baghdad. It dawned to me already that he was in the military, and was very interested in talking to him, and getting to know life in Iraq up close. I soon realized that his intentions towards me was more than a friendship, and it kind of scared me off. Because of the fact that he was a Sergeant in the Army and in Iraq, I was afraid of becoming too attached, and then at the last second, losing him. But Jon, he was patient, and waited for me, even though I didn't admit to my feelings. In July I finally began to see that God was leading us together, and one night after prayer, I had this strong feeling God was telling me to stand by Jon, and pray for him, and support him and LOVE him. Two weeks later, after a very hard week of missions, and several attacks, Jon realized how serious his feelings were for me, and he told me that he loved me. By that time he had called me twice from Iraq, and we had chatted almost every day over messenger, with webcam. August 13th 2004, he went down on his knees in front of the webcam and asked me to marry him, and I said YES! September 30th he came to the USA for a two week leave. And he flew to Chicago, where I live. We met, and it was like we had known eachother forever. We spent a week up at his parents in North Dakota, and the last day he spent here in Chicago,....where I had to put him back on the plane, to Baghdad. The estimate date until now for his return is March 15 2005, so we planned our "I do" on March 21st. We will be living in the Ft Hood area in Texas. The big wedding will be later, because of my nationality, I am dutch, we have to get the paperwork done first. Keep this in your prayers, and keep our men and women serving overseas, and their familymembers left behind (believe me - it is a tough thing, having your loved one fighting in war) in your prayers! Thank you Christianpenpals, for being God's intrument of bringing people together! - Jon and Marianke

photoI just wanted to post this ad up here today because it was exactly one year ago today, (November 12th, 2003) that a guy named Ryan posted his ad up here....I started writing him because he went to the same university I almost decided to go to, and now one year later I have moved across the country , and on Septemeber 25th, 2004 we were married! When we started writing I had no idea that I was beginning to know my husband! God works in amazing ways. I have been so blessed through this penpals site...I have met lots of wonderful people (in real life!) who I got to know through this site. Also, my sister met her husband through the Christian Chat site. Neither one of us were looking for a relationship, we weren't looking for husbands, but thats just the way it all worked out.
For my old penpals out there... heres an update: I got married, went to the beautiful Mayan Riviera in Mexico for our honeymoon, and now live near Vancouver, Canada. I work as a nanny and at a fitness club, and my husband is a subcontractor and basketball player. We belong to a wonderful church and belong to a great couples Bible study. Our future plans include travelling, going on a missions trip, starting our own businesses and building a family. :) Life is good and God is AMAZING. Keep God has your number 1 priority, and everything else will come together.
God bless!
(p.s. Sorry but I am NOT looking for any new penpals.)

"Thank you for your site...not only have I met some wonderful friends ...I have met and married a most wonderful man!!!! God is good and is working through this site."

"Through your service I have met the lady of my dreams. I owe you a great big hug, can't tell you how grateful i am. Thank you for your obedience to God. Will try to invite you to the wedding. -- Your friend, Tom"

"...because of the LORD, and you, providing a pen pal service. I think the LORD has provided someone for me-through you. We have been writing, quite a long time now and it looks good. I just want to say, THANK YOU LORD, and ChristianPenpals.com. -- Sincerely, John Horvath"

"It's so true that the Lord's ways are different than our own ways. I never thought that I would find my husband through the internet. BTW, I've lived in Lebanon all my life and my husband lived in USA. We were 2 worlds apart but the Lord united us by His grace through your site. May the Lord greatly bless you. -- Love in Christ, Maria Hanley"

"Thank you for the opportunity of using your nice service! I just want you to know that I was able to find the perfect match via your penpal service. -- Sincerely, Bill Whitley and Vincenza DeBella Sacks"

"May God continue to bless all of you there. I say that because I am happy and blessed to have found a Christian woman through your Pen Pal site. I have never happier in my life than I am now. God bless all of you and your site... -- In Christian Love, Christopher D. Mims"

"I want to thank you for having the service you do so that Christians can meet. I have prayed all my adult life ( since I was born again) that I would meet a good Christian husband that loved Jesus as I do. Well thanks to your service , who I know is blessed by the Holy Father, I have been led to the Christian man who will be my future husband. His name is Christopher Mims and mine is Deborah Benoit. By sight unseen the Lord is causing a great love to grow inside of us and Jesus has told me in prayer Chris will be my Christian husband I have longed for. We have financial difficulties to work out but Jesus will provide a way as long as we do the Lord's will and not ours and as long as wait on God's timing and not our own. Amen. My advice to all who comes to your service for eighter a pen pal or to find a relationship to build a marriage on is this: Seek first God's will by asking for it in prayer and asking for him to do the leading. Then follow it through daily by asking the Lord to make it grow and develop in God's timing not ones own timing." I now when Chris and I finally meet, that there will be a love SO STRONG for it is based on Jesus being the Rock and not ourselves. Amen. Praise be to God for he is wonderful. Once again thank you for your service as it was a path for Chris and I to meet through the guidance of Jesus. May God Bless You and be with you always. -- In Christian Love, Deborah Benoit"

"Hello. My name is Shawn Brown. I first posted a profile on this website back in August of 1999, and had a few bites, but the Lord was not quite ready to bring my soulmate and I together, so nothing transpired besides gaining several new Christian friends and penpals. Then, after 8 years of prayer, and my never losing faith in God that He had that special someone out there for me, on March 9th, 2000, He answered my biggest prayer! A gal in Idaho was led by a Christian friend to search for her soulmate on ChristianPenpals.com, so she checked it out. She placed her own ad, then searched for a man her age. When she came across my profile, her heart melted, and she knew she had finally been blessed with someone from God. She replied to my ad, and I replied back to her asking a little about her. She sent me a five page e-mail, telling me almost every possible thing about herself that she could think of. As I read it, I KNEW that this was no coincidence. SHE was that special soulmate that God had been working on for me! There was an instant attraction! She was the right age, the right size, loves the same things I do, is blessed with a good career, loves cats and children and so much more. She was looking for exactly the same thing in life that I was; her soulmate. By the time I had finished reading her e-mail, I was feeling some strong emotions, and KNEW I just HAD to meet this woman of my dreams. By the end of the day, I had read and re-read her e-mail more than five times, and prayed all day about her. I felt a strong message from God, that He was telling me, "Shawn, I've finally decided you two are ready for each other, and it's time for your life to be truly blessed." I kept praying, then called my new friend on the phone the next day. By the end of the second day, I felt as if I was falling in love already! I felt a deep, strong, Spiritual calling. I was led to her from God, and He told me to get together with her right away. The third day, Saturday, I quit my job, packed my car, and drove over 400 miles to meet my new soulmate. Not one thing in her lengthy, descriptive e-mail gave me any doubts that I was to be with her. We met on Sunday, March 12th, and hit it off immediately! She was much prettier than I had anticipated, very sweet, laughed a lot, and had an immense love for Jesus. I thanked the Lord over and over, as I was POSITIVE this was the woman I am to spend the rest of my life with! By the end of the first day we spent together, I was falling in love! Her teenagers absolutely love me, too. We have fallen deeply in love, through the grace of God, and are already talking about marriage, within a week! We both agree, this is no coincidence. Our coming together was meant to be! We had both prayed for years and years that The Lord would bless us with each other, and He did. I'm happier now than I have ever been in my life! And so is she, is which most important. We continue to reaffirm that our meeting was not done through our loneliness or out of desperation, nor through any ploys of the enemy. No, our relationship was PLANNED, from the day we were born, and is to remain all the days of our lives. I continue to confirm His blessing, by reminding myself how I had not quit my job, nor even went to visit, any other gal I had ever met through the internet, in ANY website. I met some loving friends, but The Lord did not lay it on my heart to go to them. He knew, with His awesome knowledge and wisdom, who He had for me. I believe He may have just been testing my faith to see if I would fall for just any girl who seemed to have feelings for me. But I continued to pray, and was continually given signs from Him that no, He was not truly ready for me to fall in love. He told me He would let me know precisely when my time had come, and He did! It was not just a coincidence that we both went onto a pen pal site to find LOVE, not just a friend. Nor is it a coincidence we both used the term "Soulmate". No, THIS relationship was planned, and God told us we are ready to find each other, so we did. We owe it all the The Lord, and give much credit to the special website where God told us to log into ... ChristianPenpals.com, and I also owe much thanks to a fellow Christian pen pal whom I met through this website. She has continued to steer me away from girls I THOUGHT were from the Lord, but she saved me from a life of pain and misery through her strong Spiritual advice and much prayer. If not for the grace of God, and the help of His favorite website, ChristianPenpals.com, I may never have been bonded with my soulmate. Thank you so very much for all the help you folks gave me, and for the prayers that I'm sure you say for all who log in. I will forever tell my friends in Christ about your website. We promise to send a wedding announcement when the big day arrives, to share with the world. Again, much love and thanks for your allowing God to work in two hearts, by bringing two soulmates together forever! God bless you all, and may He richly bless your website financially and Spiritually. I invite you to share this testimony with all your members on your website, and let them know that through prayer and much patience, love will come your way. Just pray without ceasing, as I have done for 8 years, and your soulmate will come down from the heavens! -- In His love, Shawn Brown & Jan Ridley, Sandpoint, Idaho"

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